Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trains and Names

Khaliel can spell his name!

The boys at a train show near our house.  Khaliel was so excited about the trains!

Ellie chewing on the much more fun when teething than sucking on it!

Ellie LOVES riding in the sling.

This is what you do when you are stuck in the hotel for hours while it is raining outside and Mommy has to go in to the office to work.

The last few weeks, Apollos has had some interesting prayer requests:
"Lord, please let Ellie be able to have babies soon and let her have some."
"Lord, please let this house be full of things that bring glory."

The first one I say "Um, No.  Do NOT let Ellie have babies soon."  The second one, I say, "Amen!"

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ellie 5 months old!

We got about 2 inches of snow in the middle of February!  It only lasted a couple of hours, but the boys enjoyed playing in it!

"Mommy, I eat snow for greafast"

He made a scorpion with the washcloths he folded.

Valentine's Day party at school

5 months old!

Apollos' snow angel

A week before we got the snow, it was in the high 60s so we had lunch at the park!

Climbing on our neighbor's big rocks!

Making a snake

We had a major rainstorm come through and turned our yard in to a lake!

Playing in the rain!

 Ellie playing with her brothers in her new bounce toy!

This has been a crazy month with weather!  February started out with really warm, spring weather and spring like storms.  By the middle of the month we had snow!  The kids have had a blast playing in both!  Ellie is now 5 months old and is becoming very active.  She can roll over both directions.  Her brothers couldn't roll over either direction at this age!  She is also a lot smaller than they were though.  She has learned how to "razz" and loves to do it back and forth.  She also loves the attention from her brothers.  She is more sensitive than the boys were and doesn't like to rough house as much as they did.  Khaliel is now 2 1/2!  He is such a sweetheart!  He counted to 20 the other day and only missed a few numbers!  I was shocked as I have never heard him try to count that high before.  He can recognize his letters and is starting to recognize his name.  He LOVES puzzles.  He can do 12 piece puzzles by himself and is starting to try and do the 24 piece ones.  Apollos is now 5 1/6.  He is reading and becoming quite the little man.  He loves to play super heroes, transformers, and dinosaurs.  He is an awesome big brother!  It is so cute to watch the kids play together.  They are all such a joy!