Monday, October 13, 2014


Ellie wearing her new headlamp!

Playing in the new tunnel!

Her eyes are so pretty!!!

Feed me!  Celebrating Ellie and Solomon's birthdays at Buffalo Wild Wings

Playing Legos in the dark with their new headlamps!

Birthday buddies!!!

Khaliel's birthday cake.  

Super Ellie!

Ellie's ice cream cake

Time for cake!!!

Playing Legos with friends


Getting all the candy

Opening presents

Ellie LOVED her new tutu!

Preschool can be very tiring!  He fell asleep with an animal cracker still in his mouth!

He stayed asleep most of the way to go pick Apollos up from school

Khaliel's first time on roller skates...he didn't last very long

Ellie throwing a fit because I washed her continued out of the bathtub for a good 20 minutes...

Ellie LOVES riding on her horse she got for Christmas from Nana and Poppi

Khaliel jumping off the board for the first time.

Ellie cheering on her Daddy while he is playing softball.  She is saying "Daddy run!"

We celebrated Ellie's 2nd birthday and Khaliel's 4th birthday together on Ellie's actual birthday.  They had a super hero party!  We had a blast with our friends, and they got lots of cool stuff.  I can't believe my baby is 2!!!  She is spunky and full of life.  She knows what she wants and will let you know about it.  She loves to climb, flip, and jump, and wants to do everything her big brothers do.  She calls Khaliel "teal" and Apollos "pawos".  She is a little Mama and will try and keep the boys inline.  She LOVES her purple baby and sleeps with it every night.  She is 31 inches tall and 20 lbs 15 oz.  Since she fell off the chart, we had some blood work done to make sure there isn't a medical reason she is so small.  Everything came back normal.  She is just going to be short.  :)  She is our little firecracker, and I wouldn't change her at all!!