Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Fun!

Ellie's first experience in snow was only a little bit, but we ran around in it!

I'll cut your grass Poppi!

Trying to catch the snowflakes

I want to jump Mommy!

Digging for dinosaur bones!

Eating Thanksgiving dinner with Nana and Poppi's church

Khaliel's Thanksgiving program at his preschool

We opened a Gingerbread Man at Mom's to make, but it was so old the icing was too hard to do anything.  The kids just ate the sprinkles instead. :)

Ellie is starting to play pretend with her babies. :)

Eating Thanksgiving lunch at Aunt Gigi and Uncle Bryan's house.

Watching The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with Poppi

My little Black Friday shopping helper!
                                                        Getting shopping tips from Aunt Gigi.

The kids and I went to IL the week of Thanksgiving so Solomon could finish the house renovations.  We had a blast spending time with family!

Apollos wanted to make a movie.  This was the script he wrote.  :)


Thursday, December 19, 2013

14 Months old!

He insisted that I take his picture in Wal-Mart

My little comedian.

Playing with Daddy on a warm fall day

Getting tied up by Daddy.

Khaliel trying to until him...


Who doesn't like to eat salsa with their hands?

Decorating Halloween brownies

Making race cars at Lowes

Being 1 is so tiring!

This summer, Ellie learned how to climb up the slide.  Now that she is in pants, she slides back down pretty quick.  She doesn't like this new development.

Apollos LOVES to draw.  He is now starting write stories.  He drew this Thanksgiving picture.  It says "Pilgrims and Indians are catching a turkey"

Playing in the leaves!

It was really windy.  The boys were trying to catch the leaves before they hit the ground.

Playing play-doh

Ellie can now say several words.  She also knows her first animal sound....a dinosaur.  You can definitely tell she has big brothers!
Walking and dancing
Putting her to work young. :)
We are beginning to learn Biblical Greek as a family.  The boys can sing the alphabet, with some help.  They also know several words.
Ellie is now 14 months old!  She is walking and talking and losing her "babiness" very quickly.  We took her to the doctor the other day, and she is 18 lbs 5 oz and 27 1/2 inches tall.  She is about the size the boys were at 6 months old!  She is still in the 3rd percentile.  We have also started a major remodel on our house.  Hoping to have it done by December!