Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nana Camp!!!!

All the prizes for the week!!

Hadyn and Khaliel looking at pictures

Hadyn carrying Ellie around.  It was so cute!

Malachi picking the prize bag

Playing with their new helicopters

Ice cream!!!

Kisses from big brother.  :)

Hadyn making sure Khaliel didn't cross the parking lot while cars were coming.  She is such a good little mama!

Mom told the kids to buddy up and hold hands.  I was surprised that even the older ones did!

Playing at the bird sanctuary, where they had a HUGE albino python!

Nana Camp is so exhausting!

Playing at a park in Valmeyer waiting for the older cousins to get back with nana

Getting ready to make their Nana Camp shirts.

Zoe was a major help with Ellie!  She is getting so big!

Waiting to get on Wabash Railroad

Riding on the little train!

All the girls!

Ellie LOVED the train!

Petting sting rays at the zoo

Cooling off in the water

waiting for the sea lion show

Riding on the train at the zoo

Playing at the pond near Nana's friend's house

Ellie in Hadyn's shoes

Feeding the birds at Grant's Farm

One of the 250 birthday cakes around STL for it's 250th birthday

Apollos checking out some of his prizes

Playing with their new frisbees


Swimming at the Sherman's house!

Khaliel was such a little fish

Ellie wanted to swim by herself so bad...she was just a little too short! ;)

Ice cream sandwiches!

Khaliel learning to jump by himself!

Nana Camp this year was a blast!  I came along to help drive and therefore, Ellie got to come to some of it.  We also got to see Grandma and Grandpa Freirdich most of the week as they were there to help with Aunt Karen, who broke her hip.  I am so thankful for my mom, who takes the time to get all the cousins together like this!