Wednesday, February 19, 2014

January Adventures!

                                         After being snowed in several days, again, we finally ventured out to the mall to have some fun!

                                             Big girl playing with her brothers!

                             When Ellie first got this horse from Nana and Poppi, she was terrified of it.  She finally decided it wasn't too bad and now loves it!

                                      My big 16 month old!

                                         Making painted toast!

                                         Khaliel's creation

                                               Apollos' creation

                                      Ellie playing with "monster ooze" she got at a birthday party!

                      January went by so fast!  We had snow, snow, and more cold!  Apollos had an extra week of Christmas break because of more snow days!  This winter weather is crazy!

Holidays with the Family

                                       Apollos opening his birthday presents from the family!

                                          Khaliel attempting to hit the pinata! 

                                               Christmas presents from Poppi and Nana!

                                          Ellie eating her birthday cake for baby Jesus.

                                             We celebrated New Years at Bryan and Angie's.  The kids had a blast playing with their cousins! Apollos made it till midnight and then fell asleep right after that!
                                          Pinata Fun!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Christmas Fun!

                                                                   Apollos' Christmas party at school

                                                        Khaliel and Ellie enjoying some of the fun

                                            The students each made train cars to where between classes and the teachers put railroad tracks down on the floor.  They also watched the Polar Express while sitting in their train cars.  Apollos had a blast!

                                            Painting their new nativity set

                                                Ready for Poloar Express Day!

                                         Helping Mommy make the Rice Krispy Train

                                         Decorating the Rice Krispy Train

                                              Sweet baby girl ready for the Christmas Eve Service!

                                          Cookies and Hot chocolate at the Christmas Eve Service 

                                    Swedish pancakes on Christmas morning

                                   This year for Christmas presents, instead of opening them all at one time, we opened one every 30 minutes or so.  It made it last longer and gave them time to enjoy their presents throughout the day.

                                               Ellie preferred to sit and play on the wrapped presents.  :)

Daddy helping put together the Legos

Enjoying a warm afternoon by going to see our neighbors cows