Monday, November 24, 2014

More Fall Videos

Khaliel's Thanksgiving performance

Fun in the snow!

Ellie doing a somersault!

Fall Fun

2 going on 13!  Normally she also yells "Go away" before she slams the door in my face!  Thankfully, these fits are becoming less and less the more she can talk!

Ellie is convinced she is now 3!


Learning how to skate

Ellie saying "I batman" in a very deep, dark voice!

Helping me make cookies!

Playing in the dirt at Daddy's softball game!


Apollos is in Track Club at school.  He completed 20 laps and got a free t-shirt!

His hair is getting longer and is starting to curl!  

Ellie's hair when she woke is so messy in the morning!

Playing at the Aquarium.  Apollos is pretending to be a fish.

Feeding the stingrays!

Getting ready for Halloween!  My Ninja, Bumblebee, and princess!

Fall Festival at the YMCA

Waiting in line for the Haunted House

Face painting!

A dragon

A skeleton

A rainbow!

Getting ready to carve a pumpkin out of our yard!

Khaliel wanted a circle nose, so Solomon used his drill

Khaliel putting his pumpkin name puzzle together at school

Halloween parade at school!


Trick-or-treating at Daddy's office


Doing science experiments with Daddy!!!

Playing at the Museum of Science and History!

The temperature dropped to -14 one night!  It went a whole week where it didn't get above freezing!  One night, the kids wanted to sleep next to the fire!

Playing in our first real snow fall of the year - total of 6 inches!

Hot chocolate after playing in the snow!

Coloring while she waited for Khaliel's Thanksgiving performance

Khaliel performing with his preschool

Khaliel's "thankful" feather.

The turkey with all the kids' thankful feathers