Saturday, April 13, 2013

Easter and warmer weather!

Apollos took some pictures outside of the signs of spring  He was very proud of his pictures. :)

He also took a picture of his favorite dinosaur

Ellie's first time in the sandbox!

Finally it was warm enough to play outside!

My attempt at a photo shoot for Easter. :)

Mom, I need both arms to balance!

Forget this picture thing, I am out of here!

I have a question.  "What is this thing on my head?"

Sweet baby girl!

Another one of Apollos' pictures

Dying Easter Eggs!

Easter Egg baskets

It was raining, so we had to do the Easter Egg hunt inside.

Bowling on a rainy Easter weekend

Ellie loves playing with her big brothers!  Khaliel has also started to try and say knock knock jokes.  He thinks that just stringing a bunch of words together and saying "baby" at the end of it makes it funny.

Ellie has started to wave "hi".  The boys were trying to get her to do it for the camera.

Apollos' first time hitting the ball off the T.  He loves playing!

Trying to find the Easter Eggs.  We made the boys search separately since Apollos is faster than Khaliel.


We took the boys bowling Easter Weekend.  I love that the bumper blockers pop up automatically for the boys.  Wish they had those when I was a kid!  Khaliel wasn't strong enough to push the ball so he got a little help from Daddy.  He even won. :)  It was Khaliel's first time bowling.  Apollos did really well too!

Ellie is now 7 months old.  She is 24.92 inches and 15 lb 6oz.  She is in the 10th percentile for height, 30th for weight, and 75th for her head.  She is so much smaller than the boys were!  She is beginning to jabber and make more consonant sounds.  She is waving "hi" and loves being tickled.  She is very clinging to mommy and doesn't last much longer than 30 minutes without me.  She has begun to eat baby food and loves it!  She can also sit up very well now and really wants to crawl.  Hopefully, it will be another month or two before she can move on her own!  Khaliel is now the age Apollos was when he was born!  He is starting to drop his nap, which I am not ready for!  All 3 kids are such a joy to have!