Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring (or is it Winter!) Break

Pretty in blue!

My little Martians

Fun with Poppi at the Science Center

Making their Build-A-Bears

Sweet girls

This was a dinosaur puzzle of magnets the kids could take apart.  Apollos LOVED it!

Digging for dinosaur bones!

Ellie fell asleep in her sling at the Science Center

Getting ready for an investigation

Hadyn feeding Ellie

This year for Spring Break the kids and I went to IL.  The weather was cold and wet and SNOWY of all things.  We ended up getting snowed in and couldn't go home until Monday.  We are SO READY for Spring!  Despite the weather, we had a blast visiting family.  Ronnie and Ginnie and their girls came down.  The boys had a blast playing with them.  Hunter and Hadyn spent a couple days with us as well.  It was so cute to watch the cousins play.  Apollos and Hunter were pretending to be everything from dinosaurs to transformers.  Hadyn was a little mommy to both Khaliel and Khaliel.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ellie 6 months old!

Ellie at 6 months old!

Now what do I do Mom?

Our first night of Spring Break in IL and we get snow...maybe we should go SOUTH next year!

Ellie's first time sitting up all by herself!

Ellie laughing at her big brothers

Apollos' first video.  He LOVES to make movies.

Visiting Great-Grandma Brooks.

Singing songs

My little rock star!

Trying to get the thorns off the tree.

Ellie is now 6 months old and is about 15 lbs and 25 inches.  She is so much smaller than the boys were!  She started sitting up on St. Patrick's Day for a few minutes at a time.  She loves to watch her big brothers play!  They can make her laugh very easily!  She loves to sing songs and play peek-a-boo.  She is still waking up once a night to eat and still has a sensitive stomach.
Apollos has really gotten in to drawing lately.  He will spend a long time drawing dinosaurs and making videos of his dinosaurs.  He knows the names of almost all the dinosaurs he has read about and can tell you a lot of facts about them.  His ability to remember stuff amazes me!
Khaliel is becoming quite the entertainer.  He loves to sing songs and do what ever Apollos is doing.  He is very loving as well.  While visiting Grandma Brooks at her nursing home, he saw another lady standing in the hallway and ran up and gave her a hug.  It made the lady very happy.    It was so sweet!