Monday, May 19, 2014

Easter and Farm Friends!

Ellie going on her first egg hunt at the park.  She knew exactly what to do and LOVED getting the eggs!

The boys going on their Easter Egg Hunt at the park.

Enjoying their spoils!

Petting animals at Farm Friends

Ellie figured out really fast that she could sit and let the boys bring her the eggs during the hunt we did at home!  She also figured out how to break the eggs pretty quick. :)

Holding worms!

Phoebe, Apollos, and Ashlyn.  Their moms and I were all in the same birthing class.  I can't believe they are all now 6 1/2!

Cowgirl Ellie!

Ellie was terrified of all the animals but this rabbit.  She wouldn't touch any of them.

We had a great Easter during our last weekend in AR.  The weather was beautiful!  We also got to go to Farm Friends with Apollos' kindergarten class on his second to last day.  I can't believe the time has come for us to move to CO!  We have enjoyed living in AR and will miss our friends and church there!  We are looking forward to what God has planned for us in CO!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring time fun!!

My date for an evening!

Ellie refuses to swing in the baby swing anymore.  She wants to be like her big brothers!

Ellie's first time throwing rocks in the water.

I made Ellie's Easter dress this year.

Warm weather and mud!!!

Small girl on a big computer!

Playing puzzles at the library!

I took the kids to the park for a small photo shoot

Her hair is long enough for a pony tail!!

She wanted to play t-ball just like her brothers.

The boys riding their bikes!

The end of March/beginning of April brought warm weather again!!  We enjoyed it immensely after all the snow this winter!!