Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow, presents, and trains!

   In the beginning of December, we got hit with a HUGE snow storm!  We got around 8 inches of snow, and Apollos was out of school for 7 days!  It was the first real snowfall we've had in a long time.  It was too dry to make snowmen though.  We came up with a lot of activities to keep the kids busy.  Playing with clay, making power balls, going to the movies, and just having fun around the house!

                                        The kids playing slot cars with Daddy!

                                          Ellie fell asleep eating one of her favorite foods....salsa. :)

                                                Apollos playing video games before we went to see Frozen.

                                                 My little Ninja Warrior!

                      Despite the snow, we made it to the Christmas Train.  The kids loved riding on the train!

                                          Eating snow ice cream for the first time.

                                       Opening St. Nick's Day presents.  Thankfully, St. Nick planned on movies this year as part of their presents....helped entertain them with all the snow!

                                        Ellie wasn't too sure about the snow.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Enjoying a warm night in early December to go see the lights on the square!

They were mesmerized by all the lights!

Riding on a camel!

I attempted to get a good picture of Khaliel by the lights....he wouldn't hold still. :)

My sweet almost 6 year old!

I told them to stand like the soldiers.  Apollos stood like the statues...Khaliel began shooting guns.
Decorating the house for Christmas!

Apollos drew this picture at school.  It is of him holding Solomon's hand.  I think this is the sweetest picture he has ever drawn!

Making their stockings!

Christmas shaped Jell-O

Ellie's first time having Jell-O

Khaliel told Ellie to go to sleep.  She laid down.  He put a blanket on her.  Read her a book.  And then laid down next to her.  It was so sweet!
Apollos being a "little" dramatic after wrestling with Daddy.
At Apollos' school, each morning, they have what they call "the Morning Meeting".  A different class leads it each week.  Apollos' class led it the first week of December.