Saturday, September 13, 2014

Swimming and Skating!

Khaliel's first day fir preschool!  The sign says "First Day of preschool September 2, 2014.  I want to be Optimus Prime when I grow up."

Always wanting to do what her brothers do, Ellie wanted to hold a her sign says "I am too young for school but I wanted a picture just like my big brother!"

Playing in his new preschool class

First day of swim lessons at the YMCA

Enjoying what is most likely that last day in the 90s this year with popsicles on the porch!

Ellie kept trying to take her diaper off so Khaliel was trying to put it back on

Khaliel holding his baby cousin Zoey.  We finally got to meet her when she was 7 months old!

Day at the zoo!

Ellie LOVED looking at the turtles and fish

Khaliel making Zoey laugh

He is so loving and caring towards others!  She was crying and he wanted to make her feel better

Apollos' first time on roller skates.  He is taking a class at the local rink.

Worn out from a full day of fun with Aunt Molly, Uncle Jacob, and baby Zoey.

The first picture of all 4 Parker cousins!  

Apollos has really started to read lately.  He LOVES reading his Bible.

Khaliel wanted to read Apollos' Bible too. 

Apollos took this video of the tiger at the Aquarium

By the end of the lesson, Apollos could make it about 2-3 feet without falling.

Painting, Playing, and Pigs!!

Painting during Mommy preschool time.  She is getting so big!

He was so serious about this painting.

We got a zucchini out of our garden that was almost as tall as Ellie! 

Reading in Daddy's tent.   They were really excited about reading in the tent but not to excited about the picture.

Khaliel made a train out of the magnets at the library

We made dinosaur crayons

His dinosaur face

Khaliel didn't want to get a picture.  Ellie wanted to stand by the wall too to be like her big brother!

Solomon got a fetal pig dissection kit on freecycle.  He cut the pig open with the boys.  It was such a random but cool thing to get!

Apollos was a little grossed out at first, but warmed up to it.  The kids lost interest after about 10 minutes, but they thought the insides were pretty cool!

First Grade and Picnics!

Enjoying lunch at the park on the last day of summer vacation!

When we arrived at the park, we found these seeds spelled out in "B + A".  I jokingly said, "Look, Aunt Gigi and Uncle Bryan sent you a message."  My ever imaginative 6 year old said we needed to send them a message back.  He made this smiley face and had me text them the picture.  I love his creativity!

Solomon's company had an amazing picnic!  This kids loved playing in these balls! 

Playing with Moon Sand!

Making sand birds

Ellie wanted to get in the ball but she was too light to really do it.

Getting a "tattoo"

Playing Simon Says

Apollos' first day of first grade!  Of course, he had to have the "dinosaur" backpack with all the spikes on it.  He also had to look like a dinosaur in one of the pictures.  :)

His teacher this year is Mr. Smith.  They have 28 kids in the class!

The sign says..First Day of First Grade.  August 25th, 2014.  I want to be an inventor and engineer.

I can't believe my baby is in 1st grade!