Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lake Norfork Vacation

I told Khaliel to get dressed.  He put on his brother's dinosaur shirt and Ellie's swimsuit bottoms.  We might need to work on his fashion sense. :)

Exhausted baby after her first day on the lake.

Ellie playing Legos with the big boys!

Jumping off cliffs!

So proud of Apollos for jumping off of the 15 foot cliff at least 6 times!

Sweet baby girl playing in the sand

Khaliel going on an adventure

The bigger boys took the raft on the adventure

Tubing with Daddy

Apollos building a shelter.

Apollos learning to ski
He got up!!!
We went to Norfork Lake for a week with the Brooks side.  The kids had a blast playing at the beach every day.  All of the older kids got up on the skies and almost all of them jumped off the cliffs.  We also rented a Jet Ski.  Apollos LOVED riding on it with Daddy!  He even enjoyed getting thrown off of it. :)  Khaliel fell asleep on it when riding with both of us.