Sunday, March 16, 2014

February Fun!

                                       Apollos with his triceratops Valentine's Day Box with his
                                      party at school

                                          Enjoying a warm day before another snow storm!

                                           "I'm not too big for this Mommy.  I promise."

                                     She wanted to ride Khaliel's bike really bad.

                                               Fun at Gymnastic Joes

                                          Making Lava Lamps with Daddy!

                                       My 3 babies!  They are growing up so fast!

Crazy Weather!

                                                She climbed up on the chair all by herself and started eating the grapes.

                                    After being cooped up in the house from the cold/snowy weather,
                                  we ventured out to go bowling.

                                                    From snow, to sunshine!  

                                           My date for the evening.  :)

                                          Poor little guy had 104.3 fever and ended up in the ER.
                                            He ended up having strep, even though he never
                                           complained of a sore throat!

                                            First time eating snow ice cream!

                                         Making colorful snow ice cream.  Apollos chose red, and
                                         Khaliel chose yellow...great colors for snow...

                                      Making Valentine's Day cards for the grandparents

                                                            Root beer floats!

                                          Fun at Boingo Bounce!

                                     We built a cave and watched movies to pass the time from all the snow days!

                                               Dance party fun!

                                           Ellie's first slow dance with her Daddy. :)

                                        Ellie's new favorite word is "mine".

This winter has been crazy with the amount of snow we have had!  Apollos has had 16 snow days!  They have even resorted to going to school on several Saturdays to make some of them up.  Thankfully, we have had a few warm days in between to get outside!