Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fun in the Sun!

Touch A Truck event!!!

A real race car!

Playing on an old fire truck!

Fire woman Ellie!

Painting a U-Haul truck

A real dump truck!

He is such a ham!  I rarely get pictures of him without him goofing off. :)

Playing at Jump Street!

Visiting the Manitou Cliff dwellings.  I had a blast!  I LOVE Indian history.

Garden of the Gods

Khaliel took this picture of me while we were in the car.  I thought it turned out pretty good.  :)

Learning how to milk cows

Playing in the sprayers at the petting zoo

Ellie was more interested in the rocks than the animals.  She was a little scared of them...don't blame her considering they are all a lot bigger than her!

Waiting in line for the train!

Going on a train ride!

Playing in the creek

Ellie was trying to do what Khaliel was doing.  She would run up the trampoline and then "fall" down on purpose.  

Ellie threw this fit for over 30 minutes.  I never did figure out what was wrong.  Any time I tried to help her or stay in the room, her fit got worse.  She eventually just fell asleep.

Dancing at Wendy's while waiting for our food.

Ellie riding on Khaliel's trike.  She wants to do EVERYTHING her big brothers do!

Ellie is growing up so fast!  

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More summer fun!!

Ellie likes to sleep with the tassels of her baby either up her nose or right next to her nose.  

Digging for dinosaurs!!  We took some of the kids' plastic dinosaurs and froze them in water.  I then gave them a hammer to dig them back out.  :)

Apollos helping Ellie run the bases.

Ellie's first ponytail!

We found a candy factory that gives free tours.  The kids LOVED watching the candy be made and especially the FREE samples!!

Apollos got a free ticket to Elith's Garden, a local amusement park, for his reading through the library this summer

The view from the observation tour, 200 ft pretty!!

Apollos before his first professional hair cut

After the cut

Apollos playing with pictures on my phone.

Playing in the sprinkler!

Ellie has started to say her prayers.  It is so cute!!