Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oregon Fun!

Playing on Uncle Malachi's construction equipment

The boys infront of the wild pitch plants

The Redwoods!

Apollos actually got bit by a salamander when he stuck his finger in a small hole in the tree!  So random!  Thankfully, he was ok.

Looking at the sting rays

learning about marine life

watching the seal show

Petting sharks!  Ellie even touched one.

Snuggling with Grandpa

Cooling off in the hot weather!

Worn out from the trip to the Redwoods

First time to the ocean for Khaliel and Ellie.  It was a little too rocky for them.

Princess Ellie!

Playing with Wren at Uncle Jacob and Aunt Molly's wedding!

Ellie walking with the boys

The wedding was a little boring for them, so the colored instead. :)

Beautiful sunset over the wedding!

The great grandkids on the Parker side

Solomon and his cousins

Wren all dressed up for the wedding
We had a blast in OR, seeing family and the sites!

Khaliel turns 3!

The boys decorated Khaliel's cake

Opening presents!

I'm ready to go to OR Mommy!

Preparing for the first plane ride!

Ellie slept during almost the whole first flight

Playing on the plane

Khaliel turned 3 the day after Apollos started Kindergarten.  He is 37 inches and 35 lbs, the 40th and 75th percentiles.  He is such a joy to have as a son.  He loves to wrestle and sword fight and tumble and climb.  He also loves to snuggle and read books.  He knows all his letters and is learning the sounds quickly.  He can also count to at least 17, when he wants to.  He can spell his name and write it with some help.  He loves both of his siblings and will do ANYTHING Apollos does.  He calls him "my buddy".  I love you Khaliel Solomon Parker!
A few days after Khaliel turned 3, we flew to OR.  It was the first time the kids had been on a plane.  They did great!  I am not sure what they were more excited about - the plane or the fact that I was letting them chew gum. :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten!

Ellie drinking out of a juice box for the first time.

Khaliel had a grasshopper who jumped on him and stayed for a good portion of the afternoon!

Dinosaurs on their fort!

Apollos was VERY excited about starting Kindergarten.  He was up at 5:30!

When he got to school and saw all the kids, he wasn't very sure about it.  He did great though!  I can't  believe my baby is in Kindergarten!  I didn't cry the whole time of dropping him off, but started to cry when we got home.  Khaliel looked at me and said, "Mommy, you have to go to bed if you are going to cry."  Our rule is that if they want to throw a fit, it has to be on their bed.  I started to laugh and felt better. :)