Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Family Adventures

After 18 months in Denver, our family is moving to Oregon!  Before the move, the kids and I drove out to IL to visit the Brooks side for a couple of weeks.

Apollos reading to Khaliel.

Making bubble explosions at the park!

Celebrating Ellie's 3rd birthday at a bounce house!

This little one is 3!!  She is no longer on the charts with a height of 33.5 inches and weighing 26 lbs.  We had her tested to make sure there isn't a medical reason she is so small.  Everything came back fine.  She is just short.  :)

Apollos flew out to IL by himself to have a few days alone with Nana and Poppi!  He was so excited!  He even had ice cream for supper!

Eckert's Fun!!!

Fun at the STL zoo!!

Ellie in her new Elsa princess dress!

Birthday party for half of the cousins!

On our way across the country, we drove passed this Olympic site in Salt Lake!

Playing at a rest stop in Utah

Cousins playing!

Playing at a new park that Daddy used to play on when he was a kid.  It is a giant castle!

I don't want to eat my vegetables Mommy!

Fun at Jurassic Quest! 

She was SO dirty after playing at Grandpa's house!

Picking grapes at Grandpa's.

Decorating Halloween cookies!

The boys' school took a field trip to the train park!

Decorating the house for Halloween

Solomon found a new way to carve pumpkins - by a gun!

Time to go trick or treating!!!

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