Monday, October 17, 2016

Holidays 2015

Ellie said she was pregnant.  I think the baby is a little high!  Purple Baby is under her shirt.  :)

School field trip to Harry and David

Ellie HATES being in her car seat.  She cries that it is too tight, no matter how loose it is.

Field trip to the art museum

Ellie got her first black eye running in to Daddy's chair.  :(

Rock climbing at the Y!

Apollos made it all the way to the top!

Took a trip up to the mountains.  This is mount Ashland in the background

Eating lunch in the mountains

Playing Halo with cousins

They were mesmerized by the village under the tree! 

The Christmas village got turned in to a Lego battle ground

Decorating for Christmas!

Ellie sitting in her cousin's bumbo.  

Decorating Christmas cookies!

So much Halloween candy!

Ellie getting ready for swim lessons

St. Nick's Day!

Ellie with my old Chrissy doll

Learning how to ice skate

Playing at Kid Time

Attempting to put together Gingerbread Trains

Apollos did and awesome job!

Apollos turned 8!  He is growing up in to a funny, caring, awesome young man!  He is great with his brother and sister.  He is great with electronics, loves dinosaurs and robots.  I am so thankful he is my son!

Pinata time!

Birthday party time!

The birthday boys!

Time for presents!!!

Christmas vacation fun with cousins at the Science Center!

Trying the mind control exhibit

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